Cold flexibility: -5°C

Elastomeric-plastomeric polymer distilled bitumen membrane, REOXTHENE Ultralight Technology. BITULIGHT P is a prefabricated ELASTOMERIC-PLASTOMERIC membrane offering good performance, by virtue of a higher percentage of polymers such as POLYPROPYLENE (APP) and POLYOLEFIN (APAO). Its special formulation, comprising the exclusive REOXTHENE Ultralight Technology compound, also results in the only weight-to-thickness ratios of their kind (compound density ≤1 g/cm³ - Test method ISO 1183). The addition of special anti-ageing additives provides blends with superior, long-lasting performance characteristics. BITULIGHT P has a spunbond polyester nonwoven carrier stabilized with glass strands parallel to the machine direction. The carrier gives tensile strength in all directions, as well as puncture resistance, with excellent dimensional stability.

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