Walking on bitumous membranes

 November 23, 2020. 2:32 PM

Polymer bitumen membranes whether smooth (non-self-protecting) or slated, ARE NOT TO BE WALKED ON. In summer the bitumous mass tends to become softer, therefore it is easily damaged (especially on slanting roofs).

1. What happens if I want to walk on the roof?
The membranes are not walk able, as previously stated. In order to walk on them a protected pathway must be created using “washed gravel squares” placed on the correct supporting bases or with a concrete floor foundation.

2. What is it advisable to do if I should need to walk on the waterproofing covering?
If it should be necessary to walk on the waterproofing covering it is advisable to avoid doing so during the hottest hours of the day in summer (and equally during the coldest hours of the day in winter). It is advisable to avoid wearing footwear with big soles (like Vibrams) and choose footwear with smooth soles in order to avoid overstressing the membrane.

3. What happens if there are mechanical structures present on the roof?
If there are mechanical structures such as air conditioning systems present, it is important to check that these machines do not emit oily liquids (such as petrol or solvents) which would damage the bitumen membranes. These structures should not be in direct contact with the membrane but placed on sufficiently large bases made of the correct material.

4. Is it possible to place heavy objects on the covering?
Do not place any heavy (or sharp) objects on the covering if a uniform distribution of load with a wooden board or other appropriate instruments has not been already organised.