The effect of hail on bitumous membranes

 November 23, 2020. 3:29 PM

Hail is a meteorological phenomenon which concentrates on one area and is often very violent. It occurs due to large temperature differences in air masses. Sometimes hailstones can be of ample dimensions, in these cases hailstones cause an intense mechanical degradation to the membrane. Hail is often accompanied by a rapid and violent drop in temperature which can make the membranes more fragile. In circumstances like these hailstones can break the membrane itself. Choosing a technically higher quality membrane eliminates or reduces the destructive effects of hail. The high quality membranes or elastomeric (SBS) are much more resistant to dynaminc impact.

1. What should be checked?
Check the state of the bitumen membrane, which should not be too stiff.

2. What should be done in the case of damage?
If the membrane is damaged an intervention with reinforcing pieces should be carried out.

3. What should be checked after a hailstorm?
After a hailstorm the state of the roofing should be checked immediately in order to highlight any imperfections in the shortest time possible