Snow on roofing surfaces

 November 23, 2020. 2:41 PM

Snow on roofing requires some attention; in fact the presence of a snow covering for periods of time could cause minor malfunctions due to the rise in humidity and possible seepage

1. What precautions should be taken when it snows?
When it snows the overflow pipes must be cleared in order to allow the melting snow to drain away.

2. What should be checked?
Check that the thickness of the snow does not reach any skylights and if it should, it is advisable to reduce the thickness in those areas.

3. What could happen if the snow reached the air vents?
Check that the thickness of the snow does not reach the vents; as if they are blocked they could cause elevated internal humidity or even leakage inside the building.

4. What should be done before winter arrives?
Before winter arrives it is necessary to check the overlap seals as the water from the snow could leak into the inside of the building.

5. What should be checked when the snow has melted?
When the snow melts the roof covering should be checked immediately in order to be able to quickly intervene with any necessary maintenance.
Snow on roofing surfaces