Maintenance of industrial factory roofing

 November 23, 2020. 3:24 PM

Here, reference is to those industrial buildings in which production activities are carried out, which by their nature can emit smoke or aggressive substances into the atmosphere, which could damage the bitumous mass of the membrane.

1. What should be checked?
Check that the state of the membrane mineral and the membrane protection is in perfect condition.

2. What should be avoided?
Avoid the use of protective paints which would have a limited duration due to chemical aggression.

3. What is important?
It is of extreme importance that the slope of the roof is carried out perfectly so that water containing damaging substances can be drained away correctly as puddles could cause increase material degradation.

4. What should be looked for on the cover?
Highlight the parts of the cover which are the most endangered by the emissions and a lay another safety layer on those areas (for example around chimney stacks, air vents etc).