Cold flexibility: -25°C

Adhesive waterproofing prefabricated SAMI road geocomposite membrane made from highly modified bitumen, designed as an anti-pumping and anti-cracking interlayer, serving a significant reinforcing function for strengthening and the distribution of particularly heavy loads. POLYSTRADA SA PLUS has been designed and produced to provide a waterproofing contribution and allow stress in the pavement structure to be relieved/absorbed. This membrane is an innovative solution for reinforcing asphalt structures and replaces reinforcing mesh or other traditional systems (SAMIs, geotextiles, etc.) in the construction of new road pavements and maintenance work. POLYSTRADA SA PLUS is an elastomeric prefabricated geomembrane comprising a dual self-adhesive bituminous compound, and whose reinforcement consists in a non-rotting glass mesh with a melting point ≥ 250° C and a high-strength polyester nonwoven fabric, with CE marking. Excellent dimensional stability, compatible with future milling, and excellent mechanical strength properties. It is suitable for waterproofing (to address the problem of pumping), as a barrier to crack propagation, and for reinforcement and load distribution on road pavements. Having an important structural function, its use is recommended when dealing with high-trafic situations and roads that take heavy loads and/or when the existing pavement to be rehabilitated is extremely distressed. POLYSTRADA SA PLUS comes with the upper face finished with aggregate to allow for road construction equipment to be operated and driven over the treated surface without any problem. POLYSTRADA SA PLUS is part of the family of products incorporating ADESO technology, an innovative self-adhesive compound that delivers excellent adhesion to all surfaces along with remarkable longevity. The bond is strengthened further by the heat of the asphalt pavement and under the effect of traffic and sunlight. Its self-adhesive properties mean POLYSTRADA SA PLUS retains all its original properties, as the membrane is cold applied, without the need for torching.

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