Cold flexibility: -20°C

Elastomeric polymer distilled bitumen waterproofing membrane. ELASTOFLEX S6 AF P is a prefabricated ELASTOMERIC waterproofing membrane offering excellent performance. Made from a special modified distilled bitumen compound with a high percentage of elastomeric SBS thermoplastic rubbers (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene). ELASTOFLEX S6 AF P is a membrane produced to the standards set by NAT technology, the innovative production system for the control of polymer matrix ageing in bitumen membranes. ELASTOFLEX S6 AF P is BROOF(t2) certified to the requirements of the external fire performance standard EN 13501-5. ELASTOFLEX S6 AF P has a spunbond polyester nonwoven carrier stabilized with glass strands parallel to the machine direction. The carrier gives great tensile strength (in all directions) and puncture resistance, with excellent dimensional stability.

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