Sustainable progress

Our certifications UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 and the CE product marking according to standards EN 13707, EN 13969 e EN 13956 are the confirmation of our will to keep up with the latest developments and continue making progress in terms of pollution prevention and promoting workplace health and safety.

In every production phase we respect the environment by adopting sustainability criteria. Our products can contribute in the collection of credits for the Leed certification of buildings.

The Group’s results, our results

The Sustainable Development goals on the United Nations General Assembly 2030 Agenda are part of a global process in which all countries involved are tasked with making their contribution to achieving sustainable environmental, social and economic development.

The Mapei Group shares, supports and promotes these goals and has defined a number of priorities: product sustainability, focus on employees and training, product quality and safety, community relations, customer-centric approach, innovation, research and development, sustainability of buildings and certifications.

The journey our Group has embarked on has led us to increasingly rewarding results: these results are reflected in the Sustainability Report, which describes the measures undertaken to achieve the goals.


Community-minded business

Making a tangible contribution to community initiatives is one of the pillars of our corporate philosophy.

We believe in the principles of social and environmental corporate responsibility: our every action, product or service is part of an ethical scheme founded on respect for people and the environment.

We have the community and its needs at heart and we sponsor community projects and social responsibility activities.

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