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Polyglass membranes are products with NAT technology, which enables you to check the ageing process of the polymeric matrice and consequentely a better waterproofing durability within time.


Polyglass is a member of GBC Italy and USA.
Polyglass products can contribute in the collection of credits for the LEED certification of buildings.


Environmental Product Declarations (EPD ) are a further sign of transparency of Polyglass SpA and Mapei Group, aimed to inform the market about the environmental performances of its products and services in appropriate categories of parameters and following standardized guidelines of international level.
An EPD is a document audited and registered documentation by a third party entity, that communicates in a transparent way information on the environmental performance of a product throughout its life cycle (life cycle Assessment, LCA), collected and quantified according to the criteria defined by the international standard ISO 14040 series, particularly ISO 14025, and specifically for the construction products, by EN 15804. The waterproofing membranes Mapeplan and Mapelan T have specific Environmental Product Declarations EPD, prepared in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.
The Environdec International EPD® is the system in which the Environmental Impact Statements of Mapeplan and Mapeplan T are recorded and certificated. Further information can be found on the website www.environdec.com


A revolutionary polyethylene film has been applied on the internal surface of the bituminous membrane. The advantages offered are that the film is easily flamed away during application (saving 30-40% propane gas), as well as granting a better adhesion at the (side and head) overlaps.

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