A new school for children was build in Togo thanks to Polyglass

May 28, 2021
Polyglass' technolgy was put at the service of the community in the african village of Amakpapè, in Togo, thanks to the collaboration with the non-profit organization Cuori Grandi.

Togo, a state in West Africa, is characterized by the high poverty rate affecting more than half of the population which obstructs the economic development of the country.

Cuori Grandi has envisaged the construction of some facilities to offering essential services to local people,  ensuring education, health care and assistance to Amakpapè's community, paying particular attention to school-aged children and female population.

Polyglass has contributed to this major project with the donation of polimer bitumen membranes in order to waterproof two buildings: the first houses a middle and high school, the other offers accomodation to missionaries and volunteers who collaborate with Cuori Grandi Onlus.

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