Sustainability and solidarity: Polyglass technology for Emergency's pediatric surgery center in Uganda

May 7, 2021
Emergency's pedriatric surgery center opens in Uganda: Polyglass is one of the partner companies.

The EMERGENCY Pediatric Surgery Center in Entebbe was born from the meeting between Gino Strada, surgeon and founder of EMERGENCY, and Renzo Piano, one of the most important architects in the world.

Uganda is a country where infant mortality under the age of five has an incidence of 49 deaths per 1,000 births, 30% of which is caused by the lack of adequate surgical care. The hospital - commissioned by EMERGENCY in agreement with the Ugandan Ministry of Health and designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Studio TAM Associated - aims to ensure greater access to pediatric surgical care for Ugandan children ad the whole continent.

The construction of the hospital was made possible thanks to the contribution of people, companies, foundations and local authorities, who wanted to support the project by choosing to take part in it. We are among the partners too.

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