Adeso Self Adhesive Membranes
Adesoshield SA
Cold flexibility
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CE 1370
Green Building Council ITALY
Control of the aging of polymer matrix Membranes Bituminous
ADESOSHIELD SA is a top-quality prefabricated double-sided self-adhesive bitumen membrane made using  ADESO® technology, the new compound laminating system developed by Polyglass SpA. ADESOSHIELD SA is made with an adhesive elastomeric (SBS) compound and has a polyester staple-fibre nonwoven carrier reinforced and stabilized with glass strands parallel to the machine direction. This carrier gives the product excellent dimensional stability, top mechanical performance and good on-site workability. ADESOSHIELD SA is protected on both sides with a mono-silicone coated polyethylene backing film to be peeled off as the membrane is laid. The ADESOSHIELD SA membrane is produced to the quality standards set by NAT® technology the innovative manufacturing system for the control of polymer matrix ageing in bituminous membranes.
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