Dear Client,
From 1 July 2013, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR 305/2011) will replace the previous Construction Products Directive (CPD 89/106) and redefine the obligations of manufacturers, distributors and importers regarding the application of CE marking.

The most significant change is, without a doubt, the introduction of a mandatory "Declaration of Performance" (DoP) instead of the current "Declaration of Conformity": for each product with CE marking, manufacturers will be obliged to issue a DoP that indicates, as well as all other relevant information, the declared performance characteristics of the product with reference to their relative harmonised technical specification (harmonised European standard or ETA).

The main aim of the DoP is to enable clients and users to compare the various products available on the market on the basis of a series of common, well-defined, measurable elements, so that they may then identify which product is the most suitable for their specific requirements. Art. 7.1 of the CPR requires that "Each product placed on the market will have to be accompanied by its DoP, either as a hard copy or electronically on a suitable support media". Since some of the points are still under discussion at the European Commission and there are no clear guidelines, at the moment the course of action is to include the DoP with the first consignment of a product, and then each time the product or reference standard is modified and, as a result, the product’s DoP or relative CE marking require updating.

In order to meet these requirements and avoid the obvious difficulties of having to manage a paper-based system, which would also be a waste of natural resources, POLYGLASS S.p.A. will make the entire collection of DoP’s available to their clients electronically by downloading simply clicking on the green link at the end of this communication.

If you encounter problems with the link, please contact: commerciale@polyglass.it - while for any other query please get in touch, as per usual, with our commercial network.