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The decision to use a wooden roof is based on a series of design factors, most notably durability, light weight combined with strength (ideal in earthquake-prone areas), aesthetics and thermal value. A correctly designed wooden roof must take into account the site's climatic conditions and must ensure sufficient insulation and waterproofing to improve occupant comfort inside the building. At the same time, especially during the carpentry and assembly stages, it is important that no naked flames are used. When it comes to meeting waterproofing needs and, at the same time, safety and environmental responsibility requirements, some of the most suitable products include self-adhesive membranes from the ADESO® line and many other products designed to be cold-glued or installed using special accessories.


Wooden sheathing


Adhesion-promoting primer



Vapour barrier

Polyvap SA


Thermal insulation
(with timber battens)


Breathable waterproofing underlay

Silvertek 25 Seal Lap


Wooden sheathing


Self-adhesive membrane

Polystick Tu Plus


Tiles (on timber battens)

Self-adhesive tile underlays

Products made using ADESO® technology are self-adhesive dual-compound membranes that use an elastomeric SBS blend or dual compound with an APP elastomeric-plastomeric top side and SBS on the underside of the reinforcing carrier. They are safe to apply as there is no torching involved. They can be used on all surfaces requiring waterproofing provided they are clean, dry and free of moisture. They are particularly suitable for application on top of heat-sensitive insulating panels (e.g. expanded or extruded polystyrene, polyurethane). The range of self-adhesive membranes includes those with specific fire test certification BROOF (t2) ENV 1187 Test 2 for use when photovoltaic systems are installed on the roof and double-sided self-adhesive vapour barrier membranes. Another important feature of these membranes is their energy-efficient application ? hence involving low CO2 emissions - namely, membranes are cold-glued without the need for torching, thus producing an excellent finish and aesthetically pleasing result. Self-adhesive ADESO® membranes are environmentally friendly as during application, they do not produce fumes, odours or noise.

The advantages of self-adhesive membranes are:

  • Instant adhesion between adjacent membranes, even at low temperatures.

  • No use of adhesives or mastics.

  • Reduced application times.

  • Lower installation costs.

  • Membranes are installed quickly, cleanly and easily.

  • Impressive sealing at laps.

  • The structure is immediately waterproofed.

Asphalt shingles and accessories (roofing nails, ridges and vents)

Polytegola N, rectangular shape, is an asphalt shingle that meets European standards, comprising a fibre glass mat carrier impregnated with blown bitumen and faced with coloured ceramic-coated basalt granules. It is used in place of tiles and combines the waterproofing properties of the roof with quick and cost-efficient installation and an attractive look. Polytegola N comes in rectangular 3-tab strips and in 6-tab beaver tail strips. The Polytegola N family also includes accessories for installation, such as special nails, ventilated ridge, vent and sealants.

Primer (Idroprimer)

Most membrane application situations will require the use of a special primer to eliminate dust and seal open pores in the substrates. Idroprimer, a water-based bituminous primer, is particularly suitable for wooden roofs as it is non-flammable and is not hazardous for the user. Being odourless, it is perfectly suitable in urban settings and populated areas.

Breathable underlays or synthetic vapour stops

The SILVERTEK SEAL LAP family comprises two prefabricated waterproof and highly breathable underlays incorporating a double adhesive band, offering excellent performance when used as a waterproof layer under tiles, as a temperature and moisture control and airtight/windproof layer for pitched ventilated roof systems. The choice between the two SILVERTEK 15 SEAL LAP and SILVERTEK 25 SEAL LAP versions will depend on the characteristics of the roof and its slope.

Protective paints for exposed smooth membranes

When dealing with roofs covered with exposed membranes (i.e.without shingles), it is advisable to protect the membranes to give them a longer lifespan and improve the roof's solar reflectance (SRI) ratings. If the membrane has a mineral-surfaced finish, protecting it with a product such as Polysint Sun Reflect or POLYVER SUPER WHITE improves the thermal efficiency of the insulation package, resulting in a high reflectance rating (SRI 105 for POLYSINT and SRI 106 for POLYVER). If the membrane instead has a smooth finish, applying paint is essential to ensure the membrane is protected from UV rays and the system will have a long service life.

Thermal insulation

Like any type of roof, a wooden roof needs an insulation package. The comprehensive POLYGLASS range includes all the main types of insulation, such as Rock Wool, Expanded Polystyrene, Extruded Polystyrene and Polyurethane with excellent heat-insulating properties. These different materials can be factory laminated with a membrane (smooth, mineral-surfaced, reinforced with polyester or fibre glass mat carrier) to allow for easier fitting. These products are part of the POLYSOL line.

Accessories for waterproofing and for details on the roof

Many roof applications require accessories to have a correct system. Butylstrip is a self-adhesive butyl tape faced with aluminium foil reinforced with a polyethylene film. An excellent complement to the Silvertek Seal Lap family for airtight sealing of connections around roof windows, skylights, chimneys and gables. It also seals and joins other materials, such as glass, steel, Plexiglas, wood, polycarbonate and aluminium. Polyglue PU 2K is a 2-part polyurethane adhesive for gluing insulating panels and synthetic waterproofing membranes like Mapeplan T Af. It stands out for its fast application (setting) and excellent sealing. Polyseal is a solvent-based elastomeric-bituminous sealant for gluing Polytegola N details and for sealing technical parts in the waterproofing polymer bitumen systems. Polydetail MS is a one-pack MS Polymer sealant designed for sealing, repairing and installing technical features such as skylights, guttering, flues, chimneys, drains, etc.. It can also be used for sealing the top of bitumen membrane vertical turn-ups between the metal profile (membrane retainer) and concrete wall.


Spider P
Spider P granigliato

Polystick TU

Adesoshield SA

Polyvap SA

Polysol IR 150

Polysol IP 35

Polysol IPO

Polysol IPX-F

Polysol IPO G

Polysol Green

Polytegola N

Polytegola N
Colmo e chiodi ventilato

Polytegola N


Silvertek 15 Seal LAP

Silvertek 25 Seal LAP

Polysint Sun Reflect


Polydetail MS


Polyglue PU 2K