Cold flexibility:
POLYSTICK SA TU PLUS V is a quality prefabricated SELF-ADHESIVE bitumen membrane produced using ADESO® technology, the new ELASTOMERIC-PLASTOMERIC (Plastomer-Polymer Bitumen) compound laminating system developed by Polyglass SpA. Featuring the FASTLap® system, the selvedges on ADESO® membranes are protected with a non-stick silicone-coated polyester film, to be peeled off as the membrane is applied. The exclusive SEALLap® polyurethane self-adhesive system further improves the bond along the side laps of overlapping membranes as they are applied. POLYSTICK SA TU PLUS V is a membrane produced to the standards set by NAT® technology, the production system for the control of polymer matrix ageing in bitumen membranes. POLYSTICK SA TU PLUS V has a glass fleece carrier with limited puncture resistance and good dimensional stability properties.

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