About Us - History
Romano Zanchetta leaves Italy to work in Switzerland where he matures a five-year experience in the field of techniques relative to roof construction.
Montedison starts commercial production of polypropylene.
Romano returns to Italy and, along with his brother Luigi and two other partners, founds Eurozoni.
This firm specialises in roof construction and in a short time employs 30 employees and expands all over Italy.
On 12th December 1963 Giulio Natta receives the Nobel Prize for chemistry along with the German Chemist Karl Ziegler.
Romano and Luigi found Super Asfalti Zanchetta in the Belluno area, a firm specializing in roof construction.
The first facility for the production of bitumen polymer membranes is established.
The firm moves to Ponte di Piave. In the new facility equipped with extremely modern machinery, Polyglass starts the production of bitumen polymer membranes at an industrial level.
The firm ceases work in the application field (Super Asfalti Zanchetta), in order to concentrate exclusively on the production of Polyglass membranes.
Polyglass begins to export its products worldwide and in particular in the United States.
The American Roofing Corporation is founded with American partners with its Head Office in Chicago (Illinois).
The birth of Adeso
In 1990 Polyglass developed the ADESO® technology, a revolutionary concept for the production of double compound self-adhesive membranes using a compound of APP, SBS or TPO on the upper side and a highly adhesive compound on the lower side of the reinforcement.

The cold application of the sheets without the fusion of the compound and the use of open flames allows not only to save time and money but also to avoid smoke, smells and noises which flaming generally entails.
The American Roofing Corporation is followed by the foundation of West American Membranes Inc. with its Head Office in Reno, Nevada.
Following the success of the experience with West American Membranes, Polyglass USA is founded, with its Head Office in Fernley (Nevada), where the first Polyglass production facility in the United States is located.
Polyglass’ European presence is reinforced with a joint venture with MPS Scotland. Initially specialising in the production of steel and aluminium components, and becoming sole distributors of Polyglass products in the United Kingdom.
Polydata is launched, a multimedia CD-rom. The first in an expansive series of planning instruments designed for clients and designers. Over 20,000 copies are distributed in the first year.
Luigi, still full of energy and commitment to his business suddenly passes away leaving everyone dismayed.
However his deepest heritage is bequeathed to everyone: not only had the dark-haired man taught everyone
everything they knew about discipline, fairness, strictness and good manners but also about generosity and
cheerfulness. Above all he taught them to believe in progress and to constantly look to the future.
The third production facility is opened in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. This is the second in the United States and it is here that the production of the new membrane equipped with the new self-adhesive technology Adeso occurs.
A multilingual DVD is added to the family of multimedia instruments created by Polyglass. It deals with an electronic organiser, dedicated to technical training on bitumen polymer membranes, pre-bonded thermal insulation systems and product application techniques.
Polyglass Great Britain is founded, a company controlled exclusively by Polyglass, the sole distributor of Polyglass products in the United Kingdom.
A third site is chosen for the construction of a new production facility in Winter Haven in the state of Florida, USA.
The growth with the Mapei Group
In October 2008 Polyglass was taken over by the MAPEI Group.An international giant in the chemical industry for construction, which as of the beginning of 2011, is the parent of 68 sub-companies that operate in 44 different countries, 10 R&D centres and 58 production plants in 27 countries all over the world and registered aggregate sales of 1,9 billion Euros.
The launch of Reoxthene
REOXTHENE® is a revolutionary technology developed by POLYGLASS and MAPEI’s R&D laboratories. Thanks to a groundbreaking approach, which brings a revolution in the traditional mixing and production techniques of bituminous compounds, the current technological boundaries in the weight/thickness ratio have been crossed. As of today REOXTHENE® consists of over 40% of Polyglass’ production.

Thanks to Reoxthene’s revolutionary technology, the new Polyglass products contain more polymer-bitumen compound (up to 30% more compared to traditional products). This groundbreaking innovation radically improves the applications in building sites, moreover, it ensures better material handling and easier workability.
The evolution with synthetic coverings
In 2009 Polyglass launched the new MAPELAN®production, a new line of synthetic coverings for waterproofing, which thanks to an exclusive “multi-extrusion coating’’ technology is able to provide PVC-P and FPO surfaces guaranteed to last long and have great performances. One of the most important characteristics of the MAPELAN® surfaces is their great workability and weldability. The thermal welding consists of an actual fusion and union of the molecular chains and provides resistance to the water head and mechanical stress. With MAPELAN® waterproofing systems it’s possible to realize totally hermetic “continuous’’ waterproofing for roofing and civil engineering works.
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